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What is the essence of a professional mountain guide? Experience, integrity, knowledge, and safety. Ron Brunckhorst has been my climbing guide for three years. With safety as an emphasis, I have enjoyed rock and ice climbing as well as successful alpine climbs. If you are looking for a rewarding mountaineering experience, look no further than Reach Your Peak.

Randy L. Pickering
Bozeman, MT


So you are looking for a climbing guide. There are some things you should consider other than just cost. For example, anyone can call them self a climbing guide and take you out climbing. How long have they been doing this and do they have any certification if they are just getting started? Their experience is your safety! Have they had any accidents or "incidents"? Sure, nothing is 100% safe about climbing and I am here not to kid you about it! Real climbing guides know how to use proficient techniques that most climbers of today do not. Here are the bare bones of Reach Your Peak. This is where I, Ron Brunckhorst will let you know what I am about and why you should book me as your guide.

First, I am a climbing guide, with 25 years of experience, and am an individual member of the American Mountain Guides Association since the mid 1990's. What does that mean? This means I was recommended to AMGA and proved that I had guided a number of years on respectable routes and climb at a high standard. I have operated Reach Your Peak since 1991, twice as long as any other guide service in Montana. I have a perfect safety record with no incidences, which just does not happen by luck. There is a lot of "know how" that goes into keeping large safety margins.

I have talked about safety and experience but the real reason you want to go climbing is to perhaps challenge your self and have fun doing it along the way! I love to climb too and that is one of Reach Your Peaks main goals, having a lot of fun. I really encourage family fun as I grew up in a family of climbers. My wife Alana and I live in the small town of Wilsall, which is a skip and hop over Battle Ridge Pass near the Bridger Bowl ski area to Bozeman. I am one of the few remaining individual guide services in the United States that guides rock, ice and mountaineering and hope to keep that dream alive by providing quality guiding that is both fun and safe for clients. Climbing really is a large part of my life and as a result, I am the author of Montana's ice climbing and mountaineering guides.

With all the above said here is what I can offer you as far as rock climbing. If you are in the Big Sky region enjoying a vacation and want to try some climbing then I suggest a day at the impressive Gallatin Towers. The gneiss rock offers excellent climbing for all abilities on both single pitch and multi-pitched routes. The noise of the traffic on the highway191 is muffled with the roaring Gallatin River and is it soothing! There is shade and the canyon often has a cooling breeze from the river that keeps it comfortable on most of the hot summer days. This is the only area besides a limestone area near Bozeman that I offer half day climbing rates for two or more clients. In general, a half day goes fast but it offers a good introduction to clients wanting to see what climbing is all about. The Gallatin Tower is found 13 miles north of the stop light on Hwy. 191 after crossing the "35 mph bridge" on the Gallatin River. A pullout on the left provides parking just before reaching the Tower. Climbs on the east side of the river (across the river from the Gallatin Tower) use a large parking lot just before crossing the bridge. The Gallatin Tower is found 13 miles north of the stop light at Big Sky on Highway 191.

The Castle Mountains near White Sulphur Springs is one of those areas that offer numerous routes on both granite and limestone. I have pioneered the Castle Mountain routes with family and friends since I was a kid. The low-keyed area is an enjoyable welcome to clients wanting to get off the beaten path. It might take some time getting use to the scream of falcons, hawks and the wind in the trees.

Hyalite Canyon is located near Bozeman and is now an early season destination for ice climbing. Hyalite Canyon has a wide variety of routes perfect for the beginner to the ice master. The canyon has the highest concentration of ice climbing in Montana and is generally in good shape by mid November and lasts into early April.

Reach Your Peak offers mountaineering in the Tobacco Root and Pioneer Mountain ranges. Mountaineering in these ranges is the best of both worlds. The Tobacco Roots are very accessible via mining roads from decades before making for nice alpine cragging. The Pioneers on the other hand is a wilderness experience with fairly short approaches into scenic granite cirques. Both mountain ranges offer beautiful mountain lakes, magnificent vistas, and a certain sense of true uncertainty or adventure. The topography of these ranges allows a wide array of climbs from scrambles to technical ascents on both rock and snow.

Reach Your Peak has permits for the following National Forests and BLM: Gallatin, Lewis & Clark, and Beaverhead - Deer Lodge forests. Climbing is also done on BLM land of Indian Creek, Humbug Spires, Allen Spur and Yankee Jim Canyon.

In many instances your guide can give you first-hand history of the routes you are climbing, having pioneered a number of them the last three decades. Reach Your Peak is guaranteed to give you a great experience in the heart of the unspoiled Montana. Come to Montana and climb!

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