Rock Climbing

Rock climbing courses include the beginners, who want to see what climbing is all about; intermediate climbers learn to second 5.6 - 5.9 with experienced leaders; and advanced climbers learn the art of leading. A sport climbing course is also offered for those aspiring gymnasts. Physical and mental training are covered along with advanced techniques. Locations cover a variety of rock and techniques in the areas of central and southwest Montana.

These are just a few examples of a day of rock climbing.


First you get fitted with rock shoes and drive a short distance from Bozeman . Once there, safety precautions, important knots, how to properly use equipment and belay are gone over thoroughly. The rest of the day is spent learning the physical movement involved in easy to moderate technical climbing.


A full day of climbing on the excellent, pink granite of the Castle Mountains on 5.6 to 5.10 traditional, bolted and mixed-gear routes, and then we'll end it with a soak and swim at White Sulphur Springs! An array of routes await in the little climbed, but excellent spires of the Castles.


Learning the sharp end of a rope is as much mental as physical! For those just getting started at leading, we begin with loose top-rope dynamics, clipping protection, decision making, focusing, and mental training. When you and your instructor both feel you are ready for a "real lead", then you get the sharp end of the rope!

Humbug Spires

Multi-day trips and long-day trips are offered to climb in the awesome array of white granite spires that distinguish the Humbugs. This great batholith of granite is found between Butte and Dillon and provides some of Montana's finest climbing. The 600 foot Wedge is the major attraction out of some 50 spires found in this compact range. This monolithic white spire provides dozens of multi-pitch climbs, and it will take 5.8 climbing to reach the summit.

The Smith River Valley

Here is the far removed valley -- 1.5 hours from Bozeman and Helena and 2 hours from Great Falls -- that White Sulphur Springs, a small town of 1,200, is found. Besides finding the most soothing hot springs in the world, it is also a mecca of rock climbing. Within the valley and surrounding mountain ranges are numerous routes varying from short, sport routes to a six pitch traditional route. If you're wanting to get away from it all, have an excellent day out on the rock and soak in mineral hot springs at the days end, consider a course in the Smith River Valley.

Gallatin Towers and Canyon

Reach Your Peak is now guiding in the canyon again and it has not changed much since 1994! The solitude found here provides an excellent "playground" to learn the ABC's of rock climbing while watching rafts and kayaks negotiating the roaring Gallatin River below.

Gallatin Canyon has an array of climbs of every level and Ron Brunckhorst your instructor/guide can help you make those climbs happen. The zebra striped gneiss rock provides a unique climbing experience to beginners who "learn the ropes" at the bottom of the Gallatin Tower and climb to its summit later in the day. The view is awe inspiring from the top.

Intermediate climbers will have a number of climbs to choose. Classics such as the first two pitches of the Waltz (5.7), Sky Line (5.6) which is the longest route of the canyon at 5-6 pitches amongst others will provide stimulating and quality routes. More advanced climbers will want to try the classics such as the Standard Route on the Gallatin Tower (5.8), Spare Rib (5.8-), Mothers Day (5.8+), Watch Tower Standard (5.8-), Ashes of Stone (5.9) and more! If you want to learn to rock climb or simply need a guide, Reach Your Peak is here for you.

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